This collaborative project with the Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese (ACOM) and the Graphic Design program, The Department of Art, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville worked to understand the difficulties that the Marshallese population has in the Northwest Arkansas region.

I partnered with Kali Davis to work from an educational approach: how Marshallese students as individuals transitioning to higher education and/or into the workforce find the information and resources they need as well as feel comfortable in contacting these resources. We believed high school upperclassmen and early college students could influence how the rest of the Northwest Arkansas community develops with the Marshallese population considered. This project, emphasizing a human-centered process, spanned primary research through communication and interviews, collaborative ideation and revision, and feedback from the local Marshallese community.

Research analyses based on information shared by Marshellese students as well as counselors, professors and teachers, and local business include personas for the Marshallese student and mentor/teacher figure, an affinity diagram detailing the concerns and values of Marshallese students, a task analysis of what part of the transition period we aim to focus our design artifacts, and verbal and visual audits collected from interviews and site visits.