In collaboration with the University of Arkansas School of Art design faculty, Joe BurnsBrianna JenkinsJacob MeisenbacherLivvy PierceCourtney Ulrich-SmithRandall A. Wade, and fellow Collective Design students.

The Collective Design student organization assisted our professors with the School of Art's first design exhibition. Posters designed by students, program alumni, and regional creatives interpreted prompts concerning the place of the Midwest in a growing design environment and what we bring to the table.

I drafted a poster playing on the image of boonie/cornfields—but embedded influences I have gained while studying in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I referenced Russian Constructivist photomontage in bitmapped hands and textures from candies from Taiwan, harking on my past. Through this design, I aimed to convey a place holding the impressions made by a diverse, innovative population: a professor, advisor, and mentor from New England, friends and peers who grew up in the area and those from Bolivia, Barbados, California, and the information and opportunities granted by such interactions.